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About us

Kakicrafts products was established in 2007 and has grown since to satisfy an enormous demand for African handicrafts abroad and locally.

Over the years Kakicrafts has built up a reputation as one of Kenya’s most reliable exporters.

The company’s vision is to produce quality products and sell them at economical prices; a very successful policy, which has established  Kakicrafts as one of the leading exporters of handicrafts to Denmark, Spain, Germany, Turkey and U.S.A.  Kakicrafts offers the best of Kenyan handicrafts with a modern touch!

We have recently launched a new line of promotional items that we are offering to our hotels and lodges and any other local entrepreneur who wants or desire good quality Kenyan gifts.

The Team

The company employs local artisans at its premises at kasarani, Nairobi. This ensures that every product sold by Kakicrafts maintains its high standards. We also have a network of local artisans all over the country who provide us with our versatile range of products and who in turn source whatever is needed.


Only local materials like sisal fibers, Kisii soapstone, black cotton soil, banana fibres, palm leaves, mahogany, ebony and rosewood are used to retain the authentic Kenyan craftsmanship. An example of the handicrafts supplied and produced by Kakicrafts are: maasai beadedsandles,maasai leatherbelts,dog color,earrings,bracelets,candlestand,penholders, Kisii soapstone carvings, sisal baskets (kiondo), wood carvings, clay products, ethnic jewellery box, African masks, Swahili stools and tables, decorated gourds and calabashes to name just a few.